Inner City Music Students Hang with Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins

Since 2000, Project MuszEd has provided music education services to the Los Angeles youth center, A Place Called Home. Check out what happened when we were invited to spend the day with Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins for National Take A Youth To Work Day. A special thanks to John Byrd and Kat Perez-Fraga of Mogul Music for facilitating this wonderful opportunity!
Photo 1: APCH member Stefon Ginn takes direction to Rodney Jerkins in song production.
Photo 2: John Byrd, Miguel Nunez, Charyn Harris, Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins and Kat Perez-Fraga

When nine APCH families arrived at Rodney Jerkins’ Mogul Music complex, they had no idea what was in store for them. Rodney has produced a myriad of artists including Britney Spears, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and others. Today, unknown to our students, they were about to join the ranks of music royalty. Upon entering the complex, we were greeted by Rodney and the Music Mogul staff. Rodney was incredibly gracious and enthusiastic about inviting us into ‘his house,’ in which he urged us to be comfortable and have a good time, and we certainly did!

Rodney started the afternoon off by telling us his story. At age 14, Rodney was producing demos and handing them out to record label executives, only to have them thrown into the trash countless times. He had family members tell him he would not amount to anything. Yet and still, he pursued his dream and worked harder on his craft. Through the story, Rodney credited his faith, his belief in himself and his hard work ethic in achieving his success. He encouraged our members to do the same and to not give up on their dreams, but to remain focused and dedicated. His story was truly inspirational and was the perfect prelude to the proceeding events.

The members were split into two groups. Each group took turns going into Rodney’s personal studio and participating in creating their own tracks. Rodney guided the students in creating a beat, adding additional parts and even going into the sound booth to rap and sing! Actor/Recording Artist Justin Martin was also on hand and provided extra support to the project. Justin, age 14, is now appearing in the ‘The Soloist’ with Jamie Foxx and has also appeared in ‘High School Musical 3’ and others. Also visiting that day was actor, Miguel Nunez!

As if that were not enough, Rodney then presented each member with the most incredible gift bag. Among the goodies were books, DVDs, CDs, and an ASUS computer! After a round of photos, Rodney then presented APCH with one of his first platinum records which he produced for R&B vocalist, Joe. We are honored that Rodney and the Mogul Management team thought of us and extended such incredible hospitality to our members and their families. The event was truly inspiring. Who knows, Rodney’s next artist may be among one of our APCH students!


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