PM Takes Youth To GRAMMY SoundCheck with Yanni


Hi, this is Philip again, the Project MuszEd summer intern. Today, Project Muszed coordinated an opportunity through The Grammy Foundation to attend another exciting Grammy Soundcheck, this time with award winning artist, Yanni. The students, ages 13-18 were able to participate in a Q&A session with the amazing artist. The questions were insightful and interesting. Yanni was very genuine and his passion for music shone through when he answered their questions, trying to give them as much information that he could within the allotted time. He was very pleased with the questions as he stated, “You kids are great!” during the Q&A session. In addition, the kids were able to speak with Yanni’s production manager. This gave them additional insight into the music industry beyond the artist’s point of view. After the Soundcheck, the kids were given complementary tickets to the amazing concert. With the support of the Grammy Foundation, Project MuszEd, was able to once again give these fortunate kids an excellent opportunity to speak with Yanni, and an opportunity to see him in concert.


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